Our Instructors

We Do Not Have Instructors, We have Teachers…

Instructors vs. Teachers

Instructors present procedures and cover the use of documentation. This is fine until a scenario is encountered that does not fit the procedure and is not covered in the documentation. Instructors are not usually subject matter experts, although some will make pretense to that end. They quickly get in trouble when they should have said, “I don’t know, but I will look that up” instead of guessing. They often find themselves with a learner that knows more about the subject than they do. Instructors are good for presenting procedures, navigating documentation and instructing the use of software where the learner will have no contact with any programming or hands on applications. Instructing a learner on how to use Microsoft Word does not teach them how to write.

Teachers guide learners into an intimate knowledge of the concepts and techniques that have been incorporated into the functionality of the hardware, software and practical field applications. Among teachers, there are master teachers and apprentices; in both cases, they need to be a subject matter expert (SME) to some degree and field tested. All of our “Teachers” have at least 20 years of practical field experience in the subject matter that they teach. They have proven to be some of the best at what they do.