Energy Conservation

Save expenses with our energy audits. We identify opportunities to conserve plant energy consumption


We identify opportunities to conserve your energy consumption

Whether your company is simply looking to save on energy expenses or take steps towards ISO-50001 compliance, the first stage is to establish a documented awareness of energy consumption.

Conducting a WAGES (water, air, gas, electric and steam) audit identifies each energy customer in the factory with information about dependency, consumption rate, and the frequency of use.

Depending on the goals of the organization, an energy plan can be developed and overlayed in parallel with new a new automation control designed for maximum efficiency of operation and power consumption.


Some examples of energy automation are:

  • Automated plant lighting for shift schedules.
  • VFD (Variable frequency drives) can match load requirements as an alternative to fixed speed controllers which consume energy at a constant rate.
  • Generating energy. Some VFD’s are capable of regenerating power which can then be stored and routed back to the system or sold back to the utilities.
  • Optimizing performance: New intelligent motor controls integrate advanced networking capabilities to optimize performance and reduce the energy footprint of the plant.

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