Facility Security Systems

Facility security protects your company from unauthorized access


Facility security is more important than ever before

Today’s new threats have companies and institutions alike reviewing their facilities for security measures to ensure only the approved people that need access are capable of entering their facility.


Manufacturers and Distribution Centers

For manufacturers, the rise of technology and automation on the manufacturing floor has driven new security requirements to protect companies from emerging threats.

Today’s new manufacturing systems are often networked systems that integrate data points from the plant floor through corporate system buses to systems such as ERP software or business intelligence systems.

As technology evolves, any networked system is capable of providing a path to discover other networked systems.

Our plant security solutions provide machine level access control with a centralized and local user database to provide enterprise-level manufacturing security for your plant floor.

Institutions and Businesses

For schools and government institutions, facility security is at top of mind.

The building security must allow the same zones to change security protocols allowing free but monitored access at certain times then also having controlled access during other times, often several times per day with only minutes apart between protocols, as is the case with some school systems.