Improve Quality

Improve quality of products and factory manufacturing processes


Automation improves quality in several ways

Quality has a direct impact on profitability. Great quality improves customer satisfaction, reduces expensive rework (reduces labor cost) and scrap material (reduction of raw material costs).

Precision machine calibration provides higher quality at much faster manufacturing and assembly speeds versus manual processes.

New data-aware machine logic can be set up with real-time quality checks to notify the machine operator when a critical quality tolerance is out of specification. Log files can capture each error and create a history. More advanced solutions create trend analysis about quality issues and machine trends to help capture root causes and optimize the plant (machine, people, workflow, maintenance and setup cycles.


  • Improved customer satisfaction
  • Reduce scrap rate – Excessive scrap adds extra manufacturing costs for raw materials and labor to handle or rework.
  • Less downtime – Automated solutions for quality offer better precision with root cause tracking.