Machine Safety

Reduce safety concerns and liability for your company


Reduce safety concerns and liability for your company

Safety concerns add extra costs with an increased liability to your company through added health insurance costs, exposure to legal expenses, state government fines and also contributes to overall loss of productivity.

If machines are not safe to operate they are a liability that is not contributing to manufacturing production within a healthy profit margin.

We help companies tackle safety issues through a “people first” lens placing an emphasis on several key areas.

Employee Safety Training

Safety begins with having trained and knowledgeable employees.
We recommend training for every employee operator to cover each work assembly station on topics of machine operation, raw material loading and any operator requirements for periodic user maintenance or cleaning.

Automation Safety Controls – Perform an audit or plan that ensures all machines and assembly line workflows have auto-shutoff to all access panels, guards, shields or access doors where high speed or assembly environments pose a danger to operators or other people in the area.

Ensure machine operation requires all machines to be run in a safe manner. Examples would be door closed interlocks or two hand startup switches that ensure employees are clear from machine working areas.

Maintenance safety – Ensure maintenance employees are trained on the proper safety aspects of maintenance procures – including any lock-out tag-out requirements and any recalibration or cycle quality testing requirements before bringing workstations back online for production.

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