PLC Troubleshooting Boot Camp

Our Custom Troubleshooting Trainer

Hundreds of fault combinations can be inserted by the instructor.

Faults are inserted by touchscreen, bar code scanner, web interface or bluetooth.


We have the ONLY Hands On PLC Troubleshooting Training Equipment in the training business.

Our custom training is designed to give students the “Real World Experience” of troubleshooting faults in PLC systems. The instructor has thousands of fault combinations to choose from.

The Boot Camp starts at a beginner level and progressively takes students to a new level of understanding how to quickly and effectively find faults and field wiring problems.

This class is 80% Hands-On use of Allen Bradley MicroLogix 1400 Controller and RsLogix 500 software.

Over 80 hands on lab projects are available and can be done based on skill level. Each lab project is progressive to another.

We use custom training equipment made to be just like the equipment on the floor. One work station for 2 students. 

Maximum of 10 students per class.

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