PLCs For Maintenance Technicians – RSLOGIX 500



 This course focuses on understanding PLCs; how they work, terminology, and the hardware and software elements that make up a programmable logic controller. Students will learn to use various slot addressing techniques; how to understand program and data table file organization, number systems and processor information flow; and how basic relay type instructions, timers and counters, & data manipulation instructions can be used to achieve PLC solutions. 

This class is 80% Hands-On use of Allen Bradley MicroLogix 1400 Controller.

Over 80 hands on lab projects are available and can be done based on skill level. Each lab project is progressive to another.

We use custom training equipment made to be just like the equipment on the floor. One work station for 2 students. 

Maximum of 10 students per class.

Class Options:

4 Day Class
• PLCs for Maintenance Technicians – RsLogix 500

4 Day Class
• PLCs for Maintenance Technicians – Studio 5000

5 Day Class
• PLC Troubleshooting Boot Camp


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