It is not uncommon for many of today’s higher tech maintenance training to involve the use of both shop math and precision measurement. Too often, the last math or measurement course attended by the multi-craftsman was back in high school or trade school—a long time ago. This course is a comprehensive review of the basics of shop math and use of pre-cision measurement instruments with a hands-on approach. The course provides the multi-craftsman with the math/measurement tools needed to attend advanced maintenance seminars in topics like reading a pump curve, calculating pressure head, collinear shaft alignment, dynamic balancing, and circuit voltage and amperage calculations and well as how to used preci-sion measurement tools for bearing fits, thread engagement, dial indication TIR check and the use of a taper gauge for cou-pling alignment. This course guarantees much better success for the craftsman who must tackle future calculations or meas-urements involved in today’s world of more complicated technology. The attendee will leave the course with an very comprehen-sive review of shop math and precision maintenance measurement skills learned by doing using hands-on techniques. 


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