Reduce Downtime


Reduce downtime of factory equipment

Improve Your Factory Up Time

Downtime is the enemy of all factories.
No product is being manufactured or going out the door. Customer orders are not being fulfilled on time if production gets behind schedule.

Excessive downtime can mean overtime or even worse – loss of customer orders. Excessive downtime can mean a significant loss of profit margin.
Often a plant can experience more overtime and expenses when trying to make up for lost production time.

There are many contributors to downtime:

  • Excessive time for changeovers on for new runs.
  • Excessive machine work stoppage. Lack of workflow automation between manufacturing processes and raw materials.
  • Machine maintenance – Lack of an optimized maintenance plan
  • Lack of employee training

Here are just a few ways we help improve your bottom line:

  • Create an automation blueprint and plan. Identify areas to improve manufacturing production
  • Automate manual processes for people, machines, raw materials and supplies
  • Find root causes for maintenance problem areas
  • Provide employee training to optimize workflow and maintenance