Level 3 Troubleshooting VFDs

This course introduces the fundamental topics of variable speed drives using the PowerFlex 525 drive and Connected Components Workbench. The instructor guided information along with hands-on activities allow participants to immediately utilize the newly developed skills. Topic coverage will allow participants to perform installation and wiring tasks, in addition to drive configurations using software.

• Setting IP address – BootP
• Setting up communications with the drive via Ethernet
• Using RsLinx communication software
• Using Connected Components Workbench
• Saving, uploading, downloading and backing up drive configurations
• Remotely controlling drive
• Troubleshooting Parameters
• Troubleshooting connected input devices
• Troubleshooting connected output devices

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Level 3 Troubleshooting VFDs - 2 Days

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VFD Troubleshooting Workshop 1 - 3 Days

• Level 1 Introduction to VFDs
• Level 3 Troubleshooting VFDs

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VFD Troubleshooting Workshop 2 - 3 Days

• Level 2 Software Control for VFDs
• Level 3 Troubleshooting VFDs