Why Choose Us

We cover only useful technician-level job skills 

All of the material covered in our classes (100% of it) is focused on the needs of maintenance technicians. One of our major objectives is teaching technicians how to develop a logical systematic approach to troubleshooting malfunctioning machinery. 

Our classes cover job skills which are useful for technicians troubleshooting equipment failures.


Our classes develop problem-solving skills and self-confidence 

Students in our classes are continuously exposed to one realistic problem after another. This obviously provides many opportunities to incorporate problem-solving exercises directly into the classroom activities. As the students work through their assigned hands-on projects, the instructor constantly coaches them to develop a systematic approach to finding solutions for the problems they encounter. Lucky guesses and “hunt and peck” methods are discouraged in favor of step by step procedures which are certain to prove more reliable once the students have returned to work at the plant. In addition to developing problem-solving skills, we feel that improving each student’s self-confidence is immensely important throughout the training process. All of the knowledge that any student possesses is practically worthless without the self-confidence required to make use of it. Of course, self-confidence is best developed by personally tackling and overcoming obstacles. By exposing each student to one problem after another, our classes present many opportunities for building self-confidence.  

Our classes improve the students’ problem-solving skills and develop the self-confidence required to apply their new abilities on the job. 


We can accommodate students at different levels in the same class 

It is a simple truth that all students are not created equal. Classes are invariably made up of individuals who have different backgrounds, experiences, and natural aptitudes. Our new Problem/Solution method capitalizes on these differences and uses them as educational tools. While the students are independently working through their assigned tasks, the instructor continuously monitors the progress of each student on an individual basis. This allows the instructor to pinpoint the areas in which extra coaching is needed. Any students who are able to proceed with little or no extra help may be assigned additional tasks to keep them constantly challenged and involved. This approach not only allows the instructor to focus on the unique needs of each student but it also increases both the scope and the depth of the material which can be covered. The instructor constantly insures that each student recognizes the specific problems presented by the task, and then makes certain that the student uses a systematic approach to finding solutions to those problems. This recurring association of problems and solutions greatly improves the student’s understanding of the course material and it also presents the material in a way that will be useful on the job. 


Our Problem/Solution training method allows each student to learn at an optimum level regardless of previous experience or aptitude.


Our teaching method effectively covers incredible amounts of material 

Many people who’ve never seen our Problem/Solution training method in action wonder how we’re able to present all of the course material. In simplest terms, we treat the material on a “need to know” basis. For example, when the first problem which requires the use of floating point memory pops up, then the instructor will discuss floating point memory – but not before. What makes this approach so effective is that the students become intently focused on a specific problem. The instructor makes sure that they fully understand the nature of the problem. Then when the solution is finally presented, the students make a firm mental connection between the problem and the solution. We all know from personal experience that these are the types of lessons which stick best in the human mind. By using simple techniques like this we’re able to pack more knowledge into our five-day classes than most colleges are able to cover in a full semester. We frequently hear that particular comparison from students who are amazed at how much they’re able to learn, and understand, and remember – all while thoroughly enjoying their time in our classes. 


Our Problem/Solution training method allows us to cover incredible amounts of useful material. By matching specific solutions with specific problems, our students are able to learn, understand, and remember much more useful information than is possible with any other method.