Centrifugal Pumps — Advanced Repair and Rebuilding


The advanced rebuilding of split case pumps (impeller between the bearings) and API (American Petroleum Institute) are complex and too time consuming to cover in our regular pump rebuilding course. This training class is unique because it has 90% hands-on activities. Attendees are trained using applicable video and component construction models and then break into groups to rebuild the pumps. Each pump takes about 8 hours to rebuild. Each attendee gets to work on both types of pumps. Correct impeller setting, installation of mechanical seals, cutting and fitting packing, bearing change out, and proper impeller placement are covered. The attendee walks out of the course with a much better knowledge about how to determine the failure mechanisms for both pumps and learns to make proper repairs to produce a factory rebuild ready to be used. API pumps are built to more exacting standards than run of the mill ANSI pumps and require additional measurement and proper torqueing to facilitate proper repair. Spilt-case pumps are more difficult to rebuild because almost all the work must be done with the pump in place and piped up. The attendee should leave the course with the ability to rebuild pumps in a manner to get long life and proper hydraulic performance.


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