Without a doubt, incorrect lubrication practices cost industry millions of dollars in shortened equipment life and high maintenance costs. Too much, too little, to often, not often enough, wrong choice of lubrication is found more often than expected. This course shows the attendee how to select the proper lubricant (oil or grease) and which choice gives the longest life to bearings and gears. In addition you will learn how to calculate the correct amount of grease for a bearing and how often regreasing is required. You don’t need a degree in “tribology—the study of lubrication” to understand this course. Mechanics and engineers walk away with confidence on recommending the proper lubricant and correct lubrication system. Inexpensive spectrographic oil analysis and ferrographic oil analysis are discussed as well as the benefits of troubleshooting equipment wear and lubrication failure. Learn how to use a Visgage portable viscosity meter to determine if oil is beyond the usable life and needs change out.


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